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The purple berry beverage bursting with the juice of antioxidant rich Aronia Berries, the hydrating benefits of water, and the sweetness of monk fruit for a low calorie, clean label, 100% natural, whole body benefit.

Good for you from head to Tohi.

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Bow to the Berry

We believe that the best things in life do grow on trees. Or in this case, a little-known bush that grows antioxidant-rich Aronia Berries. So we put them in a drink.


Four Flavors. Same Benefit.

All Tohi beverages are 70% hydration and 30% nutrition, derived from the single-strength juice of Aronia Berries. Tohi is formulated to help combat those nasty free radicals that are born from the environmental stresses of everyday life. Choose from four refreshing flavors to suit your mood.

Bursting with Antioxidants

The Aronia Berry has more antioxidants than any berry you’ve probably ever eaten. Almost four times the antioxidants of blueberries and twice as many as acai.

Antioxidants are believed to improve heart, bone, immune and brain health by inhibiting the oxidation of free radicals to reduce inflammation and enhance muscle recovery.

That’s pretty amazing. But you won’t find them in the produce aisle because they are too tart to eat by the handful. Luckily now there is Tohi. All the benefits of Aronia Berries in four delicious drinks.

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