What is Aronia?

Aronia Berries are the foundation for Tohi beverages. The AroniaInside™ helps fight off free radicals while leaving you hydrated and refreshed.

All of this from one little berry you ask? YES.

What is Aronia

The Amazing Berry You May Have Never Heard Of

Aronia Berries are native to North America and have been used for hundreds of years for their nutritional value. Their deep, rich purple color tips you off to the Aronia Berry’s high antioxidant properties. In fact, this little berry has the highest antioxidant level of ALL the super berries.

As part of our mission to empower and inspire people to live healthy lives, we source the highest quality Aronia Berries available.

Antioxidants And Aronia Berries

Antioxidants are the vitamins and minerals the body uses to counteract the stress caused by the oxidation of free radicals, a chemical process that happens in your body every day and can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues.

Aronia Berries are a remarkable source for antioxidants, which can benefit the body in many ways.


Published studies conducted with Aronia Berries have shown positive impacts on vascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and inflammation.


Aronia Berries are high in anti-inflammatory properties that may help combat chronic disease and the effects of aging.


Aronia Berry research has shown promise in the reduction of inflammation that can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.


Foods such as Aronia Berries have been widely studied and report positive impact on brain aging, including improved memory function.
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