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Tohi beverages are bursting with the immune-boosting antioxidants of Aronia Berries, a specialty crop we source from Midwestern growers. Clean label and non-GMO certified, Tohi has multigenerational appeal and provides a whole body benefit.

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Landry Shamet

NBA Player for the Los Angeles Clippers

"I’m at the beginning of my career – but I already think about longevity. What you put in your body is important now – but will also pay off in the long run. I drink Tohi as part of an overall commitment to a healthy lifestyle."

Anicka Newell

Olympian Pole Vaulter

"I’m a fanatic about nutrition because I know it has a direct impact on how my body feels and how it performs. Drinking Tohi is an essential part of my focus on wellness and well-being."

Kalvin Henderson

Professional Boxer

"One of my mantras is Make Smart Choices. For boxers, every calorie has to be a smart choice. I drink Tohi for nutrition, hydration and post workout recovery. So make a smart choice and #drinktohi!"

Wallace Spearmon Jr.

Olympian Sprinter

"Speed is a gift! But healthy habits are a choice. I drink Tohi because I know it has a whole body benefit. I also believe in the company and their mission to provide healthy beverages -- not just for athletes -- but for everyone choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle."

Aaron Ashby

MiLB Pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers

"A pitcher has to have a resilient mindset on the mound. It’s always about the next pitch. But your body has to be resilient too. I drink Tohi for many reasons but one of them is keeping my immune system strong so I can stay on the mound.”  #beresilient  #drinktohi"

Gianluca Busio

MLS Player for Sporting KC

"I burn a lot of calories and I need to fuel my body with calories that matter. I drink Tohi because it tastes great – but more importantly I know it provides natural energy and helps my body recover from the intensity of training."