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Tohi Sample 4pk
Allison S.
Sample 4 Pack - Perfect to Find Your Flavor

I loved getting to try the different flavors without buying in bulk. Great product with yummy flavors!

Great refreshing drink without all the sugar

Love Tohi! We’re enjoying the flavors and appreciate the monk fruit sweetener as we’re not fans of artificial sweeteners. We have a monthly subscription and look forward to the shipments!!

Tohi Sample 4pk
Jennifer H.

I love the flavors really refreshing

Refreshing and tasty

I have tried 3 out of the 4 flavors and found them all to be equally satisfying. Such a crisp, clean flavor with an almost tart like pinch. I tried describing the drink to a coworker and found myself saying somewhat tart like pomegranate seeds with the dryness of a red wine. Such a multifaceted beautiful drink


I did no really like this was not fruity enough for me and no sweetness.i mix it with a club soda

Love everything about Tohi

Great taste, great health benefits, great mission!

Tohi Sample 4pk
Cassandra H.
Not at all what I expected

So far, I've only tried the original flavor. To be honest, I didn't care for it. The flavor was too bland for me. I'll come back to write another review once I've tried the other flavors.

Tohi Sample 4pk
Daniel S.

Tohi Sample 4pk

Tohi Sample 4pk

Don’t like the taste

Unfortunately for me I didn’t like the taste that much. I really wanted to like it. It’s a different taste maybe some people have to inquire or something. Great idea and I do hope others like the taste better than I did. Just wasn’t for me. :(

Tohi Sample 4pk
Gwendolyn s.


Love this product!



I like the flavors

Tohi Sample 4pk
Michelle G.

Really surprised at the great taste!

Tohi Sample 4pk
Robert S.
very happy with product

very happy with product

Muy rico

Mi hermano me regalo uno para probar la bebida y me encantó. Voy a ordenar el mío.

Great Drink!!!

This beverage tastes wonderful and is a great alternative to soda or coffee!

Great Alternative to coffee

I tried this beverage as an alternative to coffee. This beverage tastes great, it's healthy, and has helped me reduce my total consumption of coffee!

Low sugar

Love that these are not loaded with sugar but are very tasty!

Way better than aronia extract

I have been looking for an aronia based drink for a while. This has been the best tasting one I have tried.

Great Health Drink

I like the fact that it is providing antioxidants and adding to my health. The non-caffeine factor is another plus. I enjoy all the flavors, particularly Dragon Fruit. It's like drinking Gatorade after a workout but it's much healthier.

Great healthy drink

I like the taste my favorite is the original flavor. I like drinking Tohi because I know that it is helping me stay healthy with all of the antioxidants that is in the drink!

This was my favorite flavor

I recently ordered the variety pack and this one was my favorite. I don't know a whole lot about aronia berries but from what I've read it seems like a good way to get more antioxidants.

Taste great

I really enjoyed the flavor in all of these. I preferred Dragonfruit the most. Im hoping to keep these stocked regularly to get the added benefits.

Great non-caffeinated drink!

Enjoy an AM and PM can of Tohi, I like how it helps with my nagging knee pain/swelling.