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Madison Kelley, Tohi Team Spotlight

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Q & A with Madison Kelley, Social Media Marketing Strategist

Madison loves spending time with her dachshund, Penny.

Madison grew up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Her passion for journalism began as a kid when she discovered her love for writing. While at Mizzou, Madison worked at a local television station, community magazine and city newspaper. During her senior year of college, Madison’s interest in social media marketing first began while part of a team of women that created their own magazine publication. The women did everything from writing, designing and editing, to managing the publication process. Besides collaborating as a team, each member was given the opportunity to lead in various stages of the magazine’s completion. Madison’s primary focus was managing the social media platforms, creating the publication’s website and working to create brand awareness and consumer engagement. Seeing an idea come to life from start to finish led her to seek out opportunities with a startup and join the Tohi team.

Q: What made you want to join Tohi?

A: I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to work at a startup. While the uncertainty that comes with the early stages of brand conception can scare some people away, I saw endless possibilities and opportunities to learn. I’ve always loved journalism because every day there is a new idea to bring to life and new content to create. When I interviewed at Tohi, I was inspired by the founder’s vision and excited about the prospect of wearing multiple hats while solving new and unique problems every day.

Q: What was it like to be one of the first team members hired at a startup?

A: When I look back, it seems crazy to think there was a time when it was just me, Shari and Shana in our little office space staring at can renderings and Tohi logos taped on the wall. So much has happened since then and it’s such a great feeling to see how far Tohi has come in one year. The first couple of weeks I did nothing but immerse myself in the world of Aronia Berries and the beverage industry. It was a little intimidating but never boring. I look back and think “where did the time go?!”

Q: As Tohi’s social media expert, what do you see as some of the most important social trends right now?

A: The integration of eCommerce and social media is huge right now. Consumers want to do everything at once and that includes shopping while scrolling through their newsfeed. Instagram adding the shopping capability changed the playing field for brands. They can now reach consumers like never before and immediately direct them to their products in a seamless and engaging way. Video is another trend that has been popular for the past year and I don’t see that going anywhere anytime soon.

Q: How do you see Tohi fitting into the ever-changing world of social media?

Social media provides us with the perfect opportunity to introduce Tohi to new consumers and educate them on Aronia Berries, antioxidants and the associated health benefits. We’ve seen a shift in consumer demand and now more than ever they care what ingredients are used in their products, where they are sourced and the impact products have on their health and wellness. Tohi is a transparent brand and we pride ourselves in the extra steps we take to source the highest quality berries and produce a clean label product. Social media gives us the necessary channels to communicate that information in engaging and impactful ways. Most importantly, it allows us to learn from consumers and our advocates so we can continue to meet their needs now and in the future. We want to better understand how we should evolve as a brand. Knowing what flavors they like, how they like to purchase and what benefits are most important to them are just a few valuable insights we can gain by continuously connecting and engaging with them through social media.

Q: What’s your favorite Tohi flavor?

Blackberry Raspberry.

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