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Tohi Dragon Fruit Lemonade

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Say goodbye to big coats and hand warmers. Say hello to sunshine and being outdoors. As we start to defrost this Spring, whip up our Tohi Dragon Fruit Lemonade to enjoy under the sun with friends!



For a Pitcher (Serves 4)

Prep Time – 15 min 


4 Lemons to make 2 cups of lemon juice

2 cans of Tohi Dragon Fruit

1  cup of water

4 packets of Monk Fruit Sweetener


For Single Serving

Prep Time—5 min


1 lemon for ½ cup of lemon juice

¾ cup of Tohi Dragon Fruit

½ cup of water

1 packet of Monk Fruit Sweetener



Proportions will vary based on how sweet or strong you like your lemonade. Start by freshly squeezing lemons (remove the seeds). Combine lemon juice with water and Tohi Dragon Fruit. Stir in Monk Fruit Sweetener. Refrigerate and when ready to serve, add ice!

A Tohi spin-off on your favorite sunny day refreshment!

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